what are aronia berries?

The Aronia berry (Aronia Melanocarpa) is the Black Chokeberry  indigenous to North America.

Aronia berries are Native American superfruit.  For hundreds of years, Native Americans have used all parts of the plant for fighting diseases, increasing nutrition, curing meats, and as a dying agent.

Aronia berries are one of the highest berries in antioxidants and polyphenols. 


Why should i eat and enjoy Aronia berries?

Since they are extremely high in anti-oxidents, the health benefits supported by medical research shows they are powerful in:


"What should I do with my Aronia Berries” and "Why should I eat Aronia Berries?"

Aronia is the highest antioxidant fruit known. If you only can remember 2 things about Aronia, remember they are anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. It is easy to begin to incorporate Aronia into your diet. It only takes a handful of berries or 2 oz. of juice 2 to 3 times a day to begin to experience the health benefits of Aronia Berries. Here are a few suggestions.



  • Add a handful to smoothies, oatmeal, and pancakes. Add to granola or protein bars


  • Aronia Chutney (savory) Drizzle on Brie cheese or goat cheese

    Aronia Salsa or add to your favorite Salsa recipe


  • Add to chili or meatloaf, add to grain salads, fruit, and lettuce salads.

    Make a chutney (similar to ketchup) and serve with poultry and meats.



  • Add juice to lemonade, limeade, sparkling water, tea, cocktails

  • Aronia Jam and Jelly

Recipe suggestions compliments of www.Deeprootsathome.com, www.Grubmarket.com, www.SweetAirefarm.com