Charles H. Morrill - namesake of the Nebraska Community Morrill, Morrill County, Nebraska and Morrill Hall - was a world traveler, union Civil War Veteran, University of Nebraska regent, doggedly determined pioneer and Stromsburg homesteader.
— Jessica Votipka (York News Times)


It began with Charles Morrill and two generations later when my father worked for the Morrills as a young boy and later farming their land.

I returned to my hometown with my husband John, (the mysterious man from the east) after many years away to continue farming this land.

We chose to begin a new adventure and grow an alternative crop of the native North American shrub called Aronia Melanocarpa or the Black Chokeberry. We raise 10 acres of organic Aronia berries with the purpose of providing to our customers one of the highest anti-oxidant, healthiest berry readily available in our own USA. We named our farm Homestead Aronia to connect the history of Nebraska with the future of Aronia.

To nurture, grow, and harvest these amazing berries brings us pride in what we do with a commitment to share their goodness with all of our customers.